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I am currently working on two books.  First is a short true story about my Transition from male to female.  I am writing this as an outlet, as well as to try to help others understand what it means, from my perspective, to be going through this life changing process.  Second is a book of some of my memoirs.  When you grow up in a small town in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, then move to Seattle, come out as gay, then bi, then get married and start your own company, then join a motorcycle club, then sell everything you own and travel/live in an RV for 3+ years, then come out as Transgender.......well, you end up accumulating some great life stories.

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I have been writing most of my life and it has been a great outlet for me.  It started out when I was young, as short, goofy stories.  As I got older it turned to poetry.  And now, I am working on several books. 

I have written numerous articles for several different magazines over the years, some about my life and travels, and others geared towards the concrete art trade; including a couple "how to" articles.  Though I enjoy this type of writing, it is my poetry that I love most!

An article I wrote for Concrete Cartel Magazine that included one of my poems.

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Casting Nature

This is the poem (seen to the right) I used in the article above and was written about 15 years ago.  It was always my desire to travel, and I had been on short trips, but never could engage the nomadic lifestyle......."life" always seemed to "get in the way".  Then, at the end of 2009, I sold everything I owned, bought an RV, and traveled for over 3 years.  It was truly a nomadic life and I was finally living the destiny of that poem that I had written, so long ago.  Though I currently have planted some roots, I feel that calling to the nomadic life........and to the stories it holds.

 My poetry has been an outlet in many ways for me.  I never really wrote with the intent to publish, it was more like a journal that rhymed.  My poetry has been likened to Dr. Seuss on LSD! (though, I think he may have been already, so not sure if that fits.)  A rhythm and flow that bounces, with wordplay that is deeply self-reflective.  Some of my poems are fun and whimsical, but most go deep into the psyche.  I love playing with words!  My early inspirations oddly were not other poets in the traditional sense, but came more from the poets of Hip Hop; like LL Cool J, RUN DMC and Eminim.  It was the rhythm that captured me most, something that seemed to be very core to my being.  To this day, when a rhythm hits me, I tend to want to dance or bang something like a drum and fall into it.  When I write, that rhythm is always there, the "bass line" of my writing.

Rambling Rhymes is my first published book of poetry!!  I am so excited to finally have published some of my poems.  The book has 15 poems with original drawings from 11 other artists, one for each poem.  All copies have been sold, but stay tuned for my next book!!!!