“You have a wonderful command of the hour, and the pressure at the end of each section was helpful to put it back into place.” – Barbara

I was certified as a level II Reiki practitioner by renowned Reiki Master,  Libby Barnett, in the spring of 2015 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  I was there serving a 7 month SEVA  program (selfless service through volunteering). I had the opportunity to study under Libby while at Kripalu and I was so excited to do so.

It was intriguing to realize, through Libby's teaching, that I had already been doing energy work most of my life and did not even know it.  After being attuned, I was able to focus my spirit better to allow myself to be a free conduit of the Universal energy and help direct it to those in need.

I plan to see Libby again for my Reiki Master Level certification when my spirit calls me and the time is right.

I began my Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) training in March of 2014 at The Massage School in Easthampton MA.  It was a 600 hour classroom and 200 hour clinic course that after almost 2 years, this February, I will graduate and get my License.

I have completed 176 hours of hands on massage and I can't believe how much this practice resonates with me. I was first exposed to massage when my wife (at the time)  started massage school back in Seattle.  I had the opportunity to help her study and be her practice client.  I learned a lot through helping her study, most importantly the benefits that massage has for the body.....and the mind.

Giving massage has become a quiet time of meditation and yoga for me and a healing time for my clients.  My mind becomes quieter then it ever gets and I am fully present in the moment, which is hard for me in my everyday life.  I have always been a healer, and that energy comes through in my massage.  Being transgender has also given me the opportunity to use the physical strength and finesse of the male body and combine it with the  compassion and intuition of the female energy.

In April 2016, I trained in Lomi Lomi - traditional Hawaiian massage, Under Kahu Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D. and Heartworks LomiLomi.  I found a real connection with this style, because of the flow.  For me, this style is truly like a dance.  My standard Swedish massage has a very yogic flow to it; but my Lomi practice is a slow to fast moving dance that is in alignment with movement that my body naturally responds to.  In the spring of 2017, I trained with Bethany Boulger of Aloha OM and completed my Temple style Lomi training, adding to the gifts i can offer my clients!

- Reiki -

Healing the body through energy work

“A fantastic experience!  The quality of focus and the methodical attentiveness demonstrated left me feeling like I woke up in a brand-new body!!” – Michael

“You’re amazing!  What healing you bring! I love how the touch felt uninterrupted and smooth.  Also, working on really tough spots with intention and love made it great!” – Akesa

A sacred space for deep healing

I have done much healing with my art and writing.....but have found that helping myself and others to heal through energy and bodywork is another true passion of mine.  The natural flow I have with my poetry and with the creation of my concrete art, comes through even more when I am working on the body.

- Massage  -

Tegan Joy Cook