Pet and Family Memorials

Tegan Joy Cook

We also create pet (and sometimes human) memorials designed specifically for the client, using the ashes from the deceased.  Creating these memorials is a very personal, loving process.  It's a magical way to honor our loved ones and pets!

Custom Furniture

These are some of the fountains that we cast from actual leaves.  Students take home both a beautiful leaf sculpture as well as the knowledge of how to make more casts in the future.

We can create wild custom pieces as well as simple classic designs.  The two pieces pictured here were created in training classes......imagine what we can create when time and focus aren't being dictated by a class!!

Concrete........the medium that has been the biggest part of my life for over 17 years.  I can't begin to say how much this medium has changed my life. Not just in how I create, but in the direction my life has taken.  I started out with just me in a one-car garage and expanded to a facility with over 30,000 s/f and 12 employees.

My company became the most recognized producer in the Northwest and I became one of the more recognized people in the industry.  In 2009, I sold the company and traveled for over 3 years, collaborating, teaching, and consulting to hundreds of other makers in the trade.  This transformed my life and also how I wanted to work with concrete.  Create.....and TEACH!! 

Now, I am working in my new RAW (recycled artists workshop) studio in Upstate New York.  I'm creating art, making custom commissioned pieces for clients, teaching regular classes, and offering several products that we sell locally.  We keep our production shop small, in order to remain focused on the projects we feel passionate about. 

With almost two decades experience producing some of the finest concrete elements, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. With our vast knowledge of custom form making, including fabric forming, rubber, fiberglass and wood molds, as well as over 25 years of journeyman-level finish carpentry, there isn't much we can't create. We love working with our clients to create that one-of-kind piece for their home or business. We truly sink ourselves into our projects; our quality is only surpassed by our passion for our work.

Below are just a few of the projects I've created for clients over the years.  I've built pieces for homes as well as for commercial clients, from mansions to schools. With this medium, your imagination is the only limitation!

Garden Art and Fountains

Countertops, Vanities and Fireplaces