Tegan Joy Cook

In Her Words

My life has been, in many ways, a series of lives that I have had the pleasure of living, within my forty something years on this planet.  I am a curious person, a seeker......a collector of archetypes in a way, and this has led me down many paths in my life.

I am still searching for new things, and this drives my creative passions.  Working with concrete allows me to use my mind and hands to create concepts from nothing and make them tangible.

Expressing through my writing and poetry helps me to stay centered and capture the wonderfully transforming moments that happen in my head.

Working with others, providing massage and Reiki, allows me to share true healing, not only for those I work with, but for myself as well.

About Tegan

Tegan Joy Cook has used concrete to create everything from furniture and functional art to fountains and sculptures.  After a one year apprenticeship with Marco Lucioni (1941-2011) in 1998, Tegan opened her own studio in a one car garage.  In 2009, she sold the company that had become the largest producer of decorative and functional concrete art in the Northwest.  For the next three plus years, she traveled the US, Canada and Australia in her RV; collaborating with and teaching hundreds of other artists in the concrete medium.  She is best known for her use of color in her designs and for casting fountains from plant life.

Now located in upstate New York, Tegan’s new company, Buffalo Concrete Design, is a small RAW (recycled artists workshop) Studio where she is producing only work that truly resonates with her. Beyond her work with concrete, Tegan is working on several books about her travels, poetry and diverse life from growing up in the farm country of North Dakota; to being President and member of a Motorcycle Club for over 10 years; to now being openly transgender. She has most recently put all her efforts into opening Berkshire Thrift.  That is  the epitome of her passion for recycling. And if that were not enough, she is also a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner providing healing arts to wonderful clients.